Introduction & Background

It is the responsibility of the University to ensure minimal disruption to the University’s business namely, teaching, learning and research activities and to protect against damage to property which may occur during gatherings that result in protest.

The Division of Risk Management Services (RMS) is not able to employ security staff in numbers sufficient to control unrest events on campus. Therefore, it is necessary to request staff assistance in this exercise to assist RMS with activities like locking entrances, safe-keeping of fire extinguishers, etc. In order to regulate the procedure to be following during unrest events, the University shall designate certain persons as Building Controllers.

RMS will request the University’s contract security service providers to provide an extra security officer/s to assist the Building Controllers where possible. This document aims to provide Campus Alert Procedures to ensure communication between the University, its staff strikes and student protests (unrest) on University premises.

Please find the full document below about the Campus Alert Procedures during Students and/or Staff unrest.

 Campus Alert Procedures

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