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 Howard College
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 Medical School
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Security provides and maintains a protected and secure environment for all persons on the University of KwaZulu-Natal's campuses; to protect University assests from theft, damage or destruction; to respond to emergencies.

Staff, Students and visitors can help make the University of KwaZulu-Natal's campuses safer for everyone by:

  • Recognising and taking conscious steps to avoid potentialy risky situations
  • Reporting any suspicious behaviour to Security, no matter how minor it may appear
  • Avoid walking alone at night
  • Travel with a friend whenever possible - where not possible, organise a Security Guard Chaperone
  • Use well-illuminated walkways and paths during darkness
  • Ensure vehicles are locked and secure when parked
  • Report all thefts and other incidents to Security
  • Ensure Departmental staff are aware of safety issues

Crime Prevention

The best way to prevent crime is for all staff, students and visitors to always be aware of your surroundings and particularly the people in your environment. Staff, students and visitors to the University are encouraged to be alert for suspicious persons in and around campus buildings and in parking areas.

Some questions to ask yourself:
  1. Are they hanging around for no apparent reasons?
  2. Are they looking into cars as they walk through the parking areas?
  3. Are they going from room to room trying door handles?
  4. Are they carrying valuable property from buildings after normal campus working hours?
Criminals rely on the community being indifferent and "minding their own business".

If staff, students or visitors suspect anything, DO NOT PURSUE them, they should either notify the nearest visible uniformed security guard or contact the RMS Control Room on the respective campus immediately as follows:

Edgewood : (031) 260 3493
Howard College : (031) 260 2540 / 2542
Nelson Mandela School of Medicine : (031) 260 2540 / 2542
Pietermaritzburg : (033) 260 5211 / 6215
Westville : (031) 260 7133 / 7265

Crime Victims

By using the suggested crime prevention techniques listed above may reduce your chances of you becoming a victim. If you are however confronted with a threatening situation, the following is very IMPORTANT:
  1. Attempt to remain calm.
  2. Use your judgement of the particular situation and do anything to stay alive.
  3. No material possession is worth endangering one's life for.
  4. If confronted by a criminal who is armed, or claims to be armed, give up your property immediately.
  5. Try to remember what the criminal looks like (e.g. Age, height, hair colour, clothes, voice etc.)
  6. At the first opportunity, contact the RMS Control Room immediately on the respective campus.

Protecting your property

On Campus:

  • Theft is the most common crime reported on campus. The best means of prevention is to reduce or remove the opportunity.
  • Whenever you leave your office, lecture venue, laboratory or residence, lock the door and close the windows.
  • Never leave access doors propped open.
  • When storing a purse or wallet in the office, lock it in a seldom used filing cabinet.
  • Do not leave backpacks, laptops, tablets, cellphones or bags in open public areas unsupervised, especially the cafeterias or libraries.
  • Keep a record of serial numbers and descriptions of your valuables.
  • Engrave your property, preferably with your driver's license number.
  • Never leave items on display that are valuable inside of your vehicle whilst it is parked.
  • Invest in a steering lock or gear lock for your vehicle.
  • Lock all your doors and windows, even when leaving your vehicle for a short time.

For further Security Hints and Tips please view our Security Hints & Tips tab under the Security Menu.

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