Should you have received a Traffic Fine, please do one of the following:
  1. Pay the ticket in full by using one of the methods of payments available. (See below)

  2. Make an appeal within 72 hours by written representation to the Security & Traffic Manager. (See below)

Payment Methods:


  • Make payment at the campus cashiers and take your receipt to the RMS ID Card & Parking Disc Office to have the traffic infringements removed from your records.

Traffic Portal

  • Login to the traffic portal ( and proceed to have your traffic infringements deducted from you staff salary or debited to your student fee account.

Traffic Ticket Appeal:
  • You may appeal the Traffic Ticket within 72 hours, by making a written representation to the Security & Traffic Manager of the respective campus. Please note that the Security & Traffic Manager may either accept or reject representations made. The recipient will be informed of the decision.

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