UKZN Risk Management Services

Staff Vehicle Access Permit


Staff UKZN Vehicle Access Permits are issued from the ID Card & Parking Permit Offices and are valid for one year (1 July to 30 June). All staff who wish to enter and/or park their vehicles on any of the UKZN campuses, are required to have a vehicle access permit for their vehicle.

Before staff can apply they must have a valid UKZN Staff Card, as well as valid AD login credentials before they can apply for a UKZN Vehicle Access Permit.

Please note that there are no costs associated with the permit for open parking only. There are cost associated however with reserved parking bays (outlined below) and these amounts will be posted to your Staff salary each month.

Note: All vehicle access permit applications are made on-line via the Traffic Portal from either on campus or off campus. Once students have made their application, they may proceed to their nearest RMS ID Card & Parking Permit Office to collect.

  • Maximum of two (2) vehicles may be registered on a single permit.
  • Permits are transferable between the two registered vehicles on the permit ONLY.
  • Permits are not transferable from person to person.
  • Copying of a UKZN permit by whatever means is an offence and constituted as fraud.
  • Permits information may not be altered in any way.
  • Permits should be displayed at all times and affixed to the front bottom right-hand side of your vehicle’s windscreen.
  • Permits will only be issued to holders of valid UKZN ID Cards.
  • A fee of R100.00 is levied for the replacement of a lost/damaged Vehicle Access Permit except where the vehicle has been stolen and the vehicle theft SAPS CAS number provided to RMS ID Card & Parking Permit Office.


** All vehicle changes (Reg No. / New vehicle etc.) required once an an application has been made, can only be made in person at the ID Card & Parking Permit Office and requires staff to complete the Vehicle Change Form with existing permit attached.

** Duplicate Parking Permits can be requested via email, to the RMS Director’s Office:  Click here

Parking Fees

Reserved Open – R40.00 per month

Shadeport – R 80.00 per month

Undercover – R80.00 per month

For further information on each of the respective campuses reserved parking areas and how to apply for a reserved bay, please click the respective campus button below.